In 1919 B. Harrison Bustard, a WW1 Doughboy, started a business selling imprinted advertising products such as yardsticks, pencils, wooden nickels, calendars and thermometers. That business has evolved in various iterations through three generations to the Cedars Advertising, Inc. of today.

We have been blessed with wonderful clients during the past One Hundred Years. Looking back it is nice to recognize that our services are valued and the products and programs we provide solve promotional needs. One of the reasons we believe those imprinted promotional products have worked so well for our clients is their durability, quality, and application, contributing to the length of time they continue to promote your business or service.

New products such as the ball point pen, imprinted wearables, padfolios, Post it notes, USB Hard Drives, and hundreds of other items introduced since 1919 all complement and extend our product offerings.

In the picture shown you see an example of one of the early thermometers that our company provided to our clients. We receive numerous calls from friends and clients who happen upon these thermometers, which were given out starting in the 1930’s, to ask if we recognize them. The varnish on them has yellowed from weathering, but they still show the current temperature and the imprint from over 70 years ago. Truly promotional products remain to be seen.